When will application be opened?

Applicant can apply whenever our application portal is open. Interested application will have to monitor the application portal. Everything related to the scholarship application will be posted on our website (stufso.ucc.edu.gh)

What is the requirement?

Applicant should have completed at least one academic year, should be needy and should have a CGPA of 2.5 and above

Who qualifies for the scholarship?

A full time regular /distance student who is a Ghanaian by birth, and will be able to demonstrate financial need supported by evidence

What supporting document will be needed?

Birth Certificate, and National Identification Card such as (Voter ID, NHIS, National Identification card) and the death certificate of your parent or guardian per the information you gave out.

How do one apply for the scholarship?

One can apply by visiting the application section on our website once application is opened and provide the needed information

Are affiliated institutions of UCC students qualified for the scholarship?

Affiliated institutions of UCC students do not qualify for the scholarship. They are just not part of the scholarship

Would the scholarship cover both tuition fee and accommodation?

The scholarship would some extent cover both tuition fee and accommodation and for some either one of them

Would virtually impaired students who qualify for the scheme be given special aid?

Visually impaired students may be given special aid such as special assistance to assist them undertake their daily activities